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MY Vision

Igniting billions of lives through my life’s work, to fulfill their God ordained legacy and Dreams (G.O.L.D)

My Mission

To help people see themselves the way God sees them by igniting the B.A.N.G (Beautiful/Bold, audacious, No excuses, God’s masterpiece) in them and inspire them to live a phenomenal life

Be your authentic self, be who God has created you to be

- Madame Merola

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Mrs Abiola Mercy Olumodeji aka Madame Merola is a certified Total Transformation Coach based in Abuja, Nigeria who specializes in self awareness and mastery, confidence building, Effective Communication and authentic living through image consulting and personal branding. Madame Merola has over 15 years experience coaching but officially started working as one in January 2017.

Additionally, her passion for helping people live their best lives led her to mentoring women between ages 25 to 35 years old in PROJECT 40FOR40 to progress to become phenomenal women in every sphere of their lives. She also empowers  business/careerwomen to own their power and build great legacies through the I AM A PHENOMENAL WOMAN Network.

Madame Merola has been featured on Cool FM Radio, We FM, N.T.A and Ajeezera in addition to numerous newspapers. She is the author of the internationally acclaimed inspirational book titled G.O.L.D Digger.

Madame Merola is a Business Finance and Economics graduate with 20+ years experience working in various marketing, communication and customer service roles across several Global companies including Estee Lauder, Iman Cosmetics, Selfridges London, Carlton TV and Globacom, Nigeria. In addition to her corporate career, Madame Merola is a passionate optimist who believes everyone can live their dream life with the right tools, support, and coaching.

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As her brand image suggests, Madame Merola is an embodiment of royalty



As never seen before, Madame Merola is an outstanding coach and trainer


results oriented

She stops at nothing but the planned results. 



She brings her A-game to the show and that is her sense of authenticity



Madame Merola has the  kind of energy you need to break out from the norm and create new success



She is not afraid to break barriers and lead you into new grounds. 

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