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Welcome to Madame Merola blog posts that are created to ignite you to live a phenomenal life always. You will find articles that will give you simple yet powerful tools you can incorporate into your daily life ranging from mindset to image management to communication to relationships to inspirational posts.

Everything here will be written with YOU in mind to empower you to dig deeper for your G.O.L.D (God Ordained Legacy and Dreams) and WIN big in life.

XoXo from Madame Merola 💋


WHY YOUR PERSONAL BRAND IS AN ASSET In this dynamic era we are living in, many people are trying to establish themselves …


WORK ON YOURSELF! “Keep working on you and things will begin to work out better for you. Be the example you expect …


HOW TO S.T.A.N.D O.U.T IN LIFE(2) I am so glad you have stopped by on my page today. You must be looking …


HOW TO S.T.A.N.D O.U.T IN LIFE! Fitting in. That is something that has never appealed to me personally ever since I was …

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