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Madame Merola has put in books, wisdom, skills, exercises, strategies, that she has learnt over the years as an expert in her field. In these books, you are sure to find expert opinion, directions for clarity, excellence and lots more. Dive right in!

By Madame Merola


Your images speaks volumes more than you know. Your image reflects who you are, your values and how you sell yourself. It is how you communicate your personal brand to the rest of the world. 

Your image is the external packaging of all the greatness within you and you get to choose to have a phenomenal packaging or a poor one. 

Image Redefined will help you understand how to effectively manage your image in a way that puts your best foot forward, ALWAYS.

By Madame Merola

g.o.l.d digger

Everyone gets stuck from time to time in their lives and need something to bring illumination and encouragement to keep going for their dreams and remember why they are doing what they do. G.O.L.D digger is a book that combines wit, wisdom, hope and empowerment to inspire YOU to never give up on yourself and on your dreams. 

Every single chapter has been written with you in mind so that you remember what is truly important in life and receive a renewed spark of energy and passion to run your race and fulfill your destiny. 

The affirmations included in this book, is your daily reminder of how amazing you are and to keep speaking greatness, abundance and positivity into your life and future

By Madame Merola

create an e.p.i.c brand

Personal Branding. You have been hearing and reading so much about it but you don’t know how to put it all together for yourself in a way that fits you just right without making a mess of it.

Well, you are the very reason I created this ebook. You don’t want to be an ordinary brand. You want to be an E.P.I.C Brand that will make an impact everywhere you show up.

I have literally covered from A to Z the essentials you need to help you be a personal brand that is authentic, memorable and admirable. Personal Branding is an essential if you want to STAND OUT from the crowd. Price N2,000

By Madame Merola

wow your audience

Discover my secrets to creating and delivering presentations that are captivating and informative. There is an art to presenting online and offline. Read this ebook and learn how to wow your audience too.
Cost: N2,500

By Madame Merola

affirmation cards

Speak Affirmations to Yourself (SAY) cards from the G.O.L.D Digger Collection N5,000 for a box of 45 affirmations cards.

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