Madame merola

the b.a.n.g creator

Why should you be ordinary, when you can be phenomenal? Let your life be a motivation to everyone around you.

Madame merola

the b.a.n.g creator

Why should you be ordinary, when you can be phenomenal? Let your life be a motivation to everyone around you.

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Madame Merola!

Hi! I’m Madame Merola, The B.A.N.G Creator and I am a Total Transformation Coach, Image and Communications Consultant and Personal Branding Strategist. I am an IGNITER that helps people transform their lives by discovering their G.O.L.D (God Ordained Legacy and Dreams) and empower them to embrace their true calling.

I am the person you call when you are tired of the relentless feeling of an unfulfilled life, lost/buried dreams and you want to get to a state of complete awareness and joy to be who you are purposed to be.

I show you how to allow the person you are inside reflect powerfully in the image people see on the outside. You will look and act more confident and easily communicate and connect with people from a place of self mastery and authenticity.

I will work my magic on you and you will shine brightly like the star you truly
are. Bye bye caterpillar, hello gorgeous butterfly. I love what I do and I believe that my super power is to help others discover their superpowers and make women into Queens

the b.a.n.g creator

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G.o.l.d Digger

Everyone gets stuck from time to time in their lives and need something to bring illumination and encouragement to keep going for their dreams and remember why they are doing what they do. G.O.L.D digger is a book that combines wit, wisdom, hope and empowerment to inspire YOU to never give up on yourself and on your dreams. 

Every single chapter has been written with you in mind so that you remember what is truly important in life and receive a renewed spark of energy and passion to run your race and fulfill your destiny. 

The affirmations included in this book, is your daily reminder of how amazing you are and to keep speaking greatness, abundance and positivity into your life and future

what clients say

I am short of words but both personally and professionally Madame Merola is extraordinaire. She is a blessing to humanity and having a phenomenal coach like her is a gift to me. From Spark Your Genius to Ignited to Greatness, every session with Madame Merola is GOLD.̋̋̋
zainab musa
Lawyer and Life Coach
Madame Merola embodies true success... Her cheerful mien, warm personality and thought provoking words always have a way of making me leave her better than I came.
Ado Erhirhi
CEO, Mirrorview Services
Madame Merola is so full of life. She is a breath of fresh air, so fun to be around and amazing at what she does. She is a phenomenal speaker and show host. I have been on her show and the synergy and energy was just amazing. I never wanted it to end. She also has this fantastic humour that keeps you in. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
Dr Samuel ekundayo
High Performance Coach, Senior Lecturer
I've encountered many coaches but Madame Merola is absolutely unique amongst them all. Her style of com munication and her coaching skills are extraordinary, and I must, she's indeed a transformational speaker. It's been a huge pleasure working directly with Madame Merola and also being a student in her online classes. She is someone who knows her stuff and I will recommend her always
Emmanuel Olatunju ega
CEO and Publisher, Teheeba Publishing Ltd.


Absolutely! I understand that not everyone can afford my one on one coaching sessions so every month I make time for group coaching sessions online and in house. Just contact me and let me know which of my coaching packages you are interested in and I will let you know when it is available in a group format.

Oh Yes I am but not all the time unless you are open to a virtual appearance which is what’s current right now. I have a list of topics I can speak on and my signature speech is “BE  PHENOMENALLY YOU”. Kindly contact me to know if my schedule can accommodate your event.

No. I coach but men and women. I have a lot of male clients but I seem to have a way with women that attracts a lot of them to my coaching packages. So I am very open and happy to coach women and men.

Send an email to or a WhatsApp message to +2347036622229 and you will be contacted with the best mode of delivery options and payment portals available to you. All my books are available as DIGITAL PRODUCTS only including AUDIOBOOK version for G.O.L.D Digger

I love to mentor as many people as possible but I can only do so much for everyone. I have a mentorship platform called Spark Your Genius for young professionals between the age 25-35 which you can enroll in for free. I select those I mentor closely for one year at a monthly fee from that group so that is your best chance to have access to me regularly. 

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